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About Us

Shiba Gadgets Ltd., & PANASHIBA LTD., are part of Shiba Group of Companies, owned by Jacky J.L., who has never lost any of his enthusiasm for the business and is working very hard today as he did 45 years ago when he started in business in 1972. He has always followed latest trends, created and designed new designer products for distribution to every major OEM/ODM Importer or Distributor in each and every country on each continent.

Since 1972, yes for past 45 years we have done business with over 2000 buyers in 108 Countries covering each and every country on each continent. Currently due to Winds of Change, we have slowed down to conduct business with few selected buyers enabling us give dedicated time and service to them.

About You

You are important & your business is important, we have this policy since we established in 1972.

One way to build strong long term relationships is to know each other very well; therefore we want to know more details “About you”

We shall appreciate very much if you share with us profile and all details about your company; type of your business, products you work & type of buyers you work.  Any additional information that can help us to understand you will help us offer you products including our new designer products.

Winds of Change!

BREXIT in U.K.; Donald Trump being elected as President in U.S.A; Plus strong US$ exchange rate against Global currencies is creating pricing pressure problems for almost ALL buyers & Sellers alike. We are expecting further Winds of change in political and currencies turbulence in EU with new referendums & Elections.

Apple, Samsung, Sony etc., are few trend setters; we also innovate new designer products average of one new model every Week or every 2 weeks giving you 30-40-50% Guaranteed Gross Margins on our products.

Winds of Change! for past over 40 years we only shipped merchandise in large quantity ‘Full container loads’ only to Importers for direct distribution through bricks and mortar shops, mail order, gifts -premiums & promotions. Winds have changed, Shopping ‘ON LINE’ via mobile devices currently has taken over for about 20% of total shopping by consumers instead of all 100% sales in bricks and mortar shops.

Winds of Change Packaging 2017: Save environment of our world is key requirement for most of countries, thus we are introducing all our goods to be packed in our designer re-mailer boxes similar used by most Couriers, they will be stuck with full colour Label with all required info. This box is good for retail shops marketing and also good shipping by couriers meeting requirements of E-Marketing.

We are service oriented company, we read all emails from morning 7 all way every hour until 11PM. This way you receive full attention for all your requirements as we do consider you are important and your business is important.

Send us Your Question's and your orders direct to Mr.Jacky J.L. by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; he will be very happy to answer same as he reads all email from 7AM to 11PM every day.


Jacky J.L.,

Managing Director and Designer with Experience of over 45 years


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